Oob 4?

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Oob 4?

Post by Ginsoakedboy »

Come on the folks, Ooberman album # 4, am I the only one waiting impatiantly?

Danny, can you give us some infor...anything....?

What would everyone like to hear on the record?


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Dan Pop
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Post by Dan Pop »

<sigh> the months roll by and nothing to show... i've been busy trying to keep up with soundtracky work, not even been able to catch up much on the Magic Theatre project, let alone Oob 4.

I can't speak for the other oobs, but a problem for me is that an Oob 4 album would take a lot of time, earn no money and not be much fun to do, compared to the Magic Theatre which will be very exciting to do and could earn decent money. That's the bald truth! I need Andy to get excited about it then I'd get vibed up and into the idea, otherwise, maybe it'll never happen...

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Post by Wayne »

Noooooo! We need more Oob!

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Post by Chantal »

*makes mental note to excite Andy* He he, maybe I should rephrase that...

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Post by StefanC »

a nice private small gig for the hardcore oobers will suffice in the mid term, Dan :wink:

Vince Clorthow
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Re: Oob 4?

Post by Vince Clorthow »

A small venue gig would be great, it's been far too long :)

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